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Interrogative Design as Art Intervention in Society

Interrogative Design as Art Intervention in Society
—Wen-Shu Lai, Institute of Applied Art, National Chiao Tung University

This project adopts “interrogative design”as an art method for social intervention within the context of preserving the WWII historical site of the  Sixth Navy Fuel Factory in Hsinchu Taiwan.  It aims to provoke thoughts through art production by artists and participants using this particular approach. Through raising questions, discussion and communication the artists invite the public to take part in writing the history of the Sixth Navy Fuel Factory.  
First of all, the participating artists will investigate the issues related to this WWII historical site in order to raise critical questions. In response to these questions, reflective art works and performances are produced and presented for inviting the public participation and dialogues. The praxis of interrogative design itself could be viewed as a method of art praxis, as well as an action of social criticism. Taking a full account of the historical background such as Japanese colonization, the Civil War between the Nationalist and Communist party, the reign of KMT, the lifting of martial law, and the contemporary neo-capitalist economic globalization, this project purports a praxis that adopts interrogative design as art intervention in society within Taiwan’s social and cultural context.