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The New Frontier: Assembling a Technopolis in Taiwan

The New Frontier: Assembling a Technopolis in Taiwan
— Ya-Chung Chuang, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chiao Tung University

Project schedule:2018/1-2020/7

The project analyzes the new frontline of spatial politics generated by the establishment of Hsinchu Science City. Although the planning of science city dates back to the 1990s as an extension of the Hsinchu Science Park from the 1980s, it needs to be examined from the perspective of new governmentality from the end of the last century to the new millennium. Basically, it is the result of new urban space within the restructuring of global division of labor and it represents a new mode of accumulation of capital and the space production of governmentality. This project will turn into a monograph that deals with the relation between semiconductor device industries in the Hsinchu Science Park and the establishment of the Science City, the development of semiconductor device industries in Hsinchu region, and how it totally changed the spatial configuration and lifestyle of Hsinchu Science City. This project examines the clash between land property, environment and social life engendered by the formation of urban areas. Drawing on the notion of right to the city, it reflects on the ways in which the elements newly introduced by the process of cultural innovation confront with these contradictions. As the imagination of a just city from the heterogeneous cultural perspectives gradually replaces the development-oriented urban planning strategy, the new geographical boundary is becoming new boundaries for our thinking.