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Subalternity and Social Invisibility

Subalternity and Social Invisibility
— Alain Brossat, Philosophy, Université Paris 8 / Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University

Project schedule:2018/1-2020/7

“Subalternity and Social Invisibility” is a research plan focusing on social invisibility which includes fieldwork and theoretical engagement. The research takes as its subject of analysis the groups or individuals that remain invisible, neglected by or oblivious to the society, such as employees in the convenience stores, Southeast Asian caregivers, and the rag pickers that collect recyclable cans and bottles, papers and cardboards (usually the elders). Due to their typical and generally recognized subalternity, they are easy to be neglected and are not treated with respects, thus becoming a certain “appearance” of this society.