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This is an image East-Asian Marxisms and Their Trajectories 2017 - 2

作者:Joyce C.H. Liu, Viren Murthy

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In this volume, leading scholars from around the world suggest that radical ideologies have shaped complex historical processes in East Asia by examining how intellectuals and activists interpreted, rethought and criticized Marxism in East Asia. The contributors to this volume ask how we can use Marxism to understand East Asia in a global capitalist world, and where the problems that Marxism highlighted, including imperialism, 
domination and inequality, are increasingly prevalent.
The volume draws on various disciplines to reinterpretMarx, and shed light on the complex dynamics of global capitalism in various historical/national contexts. The distinguished contributors illuminate, rethink and make accessible highly complex Marxist concepts, such as the question of class contradiction, the temporalities of capitalism, real and formal subsumption, relative surplus value and the commodity form, the question of class and the proletariat.
At a time when people around the world are struggling to cope with the crises of global capitalism, this volume on regional responses to capitalism is especially welcome. It will be of interest to students and scholars of East Asian studies, social and political theory, sociology and globalization studies.

This is an image 歷史的記憶與日常:資本主義與東亞批判研究──哈若圖寧選集 2017 - 12

作者: 哈若圖寧  
譯者: 陳春燕, 王梅春 等
出版社:國立交通大學 出版社
哈若圖寧(Harry Harootunian)為美國學界重要的日本研究學者,曾以意識型態批判方法及比較研究,帶動一波新興的日本研究,挑戰傳統方法學。此外,他長期關注區域研究及後殖民研究、全球化研究的結構性盲點,並不時提出關於歷史書寫之評述。出生於1929年的哈若圖寧至今治學不輟,2015年末方才出版Marx after Marx,為近年馬克思研究一大盛事。

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