Science, Technology and Cultural Politics / 授課老師:葉蔭聰--歡迎選課

  • 2022-12-26
  • Cindy

Science, Technology and Cultural Politics

Course descriptions and objectives:
This course introduces students to a set of theories and concepts that will allow students to understand science and technology from multiple perspectives related, yet not confined to sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and history. It provides introductory discussion on the major scholars and theoretical paradigms in the areas about technology and science.Then it moves on to the selected topics ranging from industrial revolution, postcolonial criticism, human-animal relationship, mobility, gender, to socialist transformation and science of mind. In particular, this course explores new ways of understanding modern East Asian history by focusing on technological adoption/adaptation, the changing technological engagement in people’ s everyday life and new technological practices, artefacts, and knowledge.

This course define technology and science in broad sense. Students are expected to bring in their research topics for developing new research problems and perspectives. The course content could also be adjusted according to students’ interests and suggestions. The instructor will try his best to strengthen student’s theoretical reasoning and research capacity with course content.