Contemporary Violence of State Crime and the Making of Statelessness II: The Case of Ukrainian Refugees

  • 2022-11-02
  • Cindy

日期 (Date): 2022. 11.14(一)

時間 (Time): 13:30–16:30 (Taiwan Time); 6:30–9:30 (Central European Time)

實體地點 (Venue): 30010 新竹市東區大學路1001號人社二館106室

R106, HA Building 2, NYCU, 1001, Daxue Road, East District, Hsinchu City, 30010



On February 24, the world woke up to the Russian full-scale invasion on Ukraine. Since the start of the war millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes. Many have fled the country seeking safety, protection and support; while millions more have been displaced within the country. The war and huge number of refugees sparked a new wave of debates about the refugee policy and protection, discrimination, and global response to refugees and asylum seekers.

The speakers in this lecture series will share their thoughts on refugees crisis, numerous challenges faced by refugees, and political and social reaction to those issues.


Moderator: Prof. Joyce C.H. Liu & Katarzyna Szpargała



13:30–15:30 Presentations

1.Russian Aggression in Ukraine: Ideology, Tools, Identities

Speaker: Dmytro Burtsev (Visiting Scholar - Academia Sinica)


2.Ukrainians in Taiwan: The Taiwanese Front of Ukraine’s Resistance

Speaker: Oleksandr Shyn (Founder of Ukrainian Voices Project)


3.Ukrainian Refugees in Poland and the Everyday Experience of the Institute of Migrant Rights in Wrocław as a Source of Practical Guidelines for the Future Polish Refugees Reception System

Speaker: Karol Korczyński (Institute of Migrant Rights, PhD Candidate - the Faculty of Social Science, University of Wrocław in Poland)


15:30–15:45 Break 

15:45–16:30 Discussion 

“Ukrainian Voices” as an Example of Citizen Diplomacy Platform

Discussant: Kateryna Leiliukh (MA Student - International Center for Cultural Studies, NYCU)


Special Discussant: Professor Henryk Witek (Department of Applied Chemistry and Institute of Molecular Science, NYCU; Initiator of the Ukrainian Scholarship Program.)


線上Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89256615895?pwd=czJyNXRVT2gzUDhObm5kN1F1YUtIUT09

會議 ID:892 5661 5895


Language: Lecture in English (Mandarin Interpretation Provided)


主辦單位 (Sponsor): 國立陽明交通大學文化研究國際中心、台聯大文化研究國際中心、台聯大系統亞際文化研究國際碩士學位學程

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