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The Transnational Network for Critical Inter-Asia Cultural Studies

The Transnational Network for Critical Inter-Asia Cultural Studies project works with distinguished international scholars, such as Professor Naiki Sakai of the University of Cornell, Professor James Steintrager of UC Irvine, Professor Alain Brossat of University of Paris VIII, and Professor Gina Marchetti of the University of Hong Kong, to organize lecture series, short-term courses, workshops and conferences. The project is dedicated to academic debates that address one of these four sub-themes:

1·“Transnational Boundaries in Asian Regions” investigates the relationships between modern Asian political thoughts and the practices of state sovereignty, with the special focuses on issues of boundary management, imperialism, colonialism and racism within Asian regions.

2·“Critical Approaches to Inter-Asian Cinemas” explores visual and cinematic representations of political tensions, class struggles, racial confrontations, and identity politics surrounding the configurations of gender and sexualities.

3·“Political Economics and Cultures in Asia/Pacific” interrogates the history of Cold War and examines the Post-Cold War era, foregrounding aspects related to political economy, social and ideological structures, as well as problems generated with the rise of neo-liberalism, global capitalism and wealth inequality.

4·“Ideas of Communal Societies” calls attention to ethical issues concerning land justice, civil movements, minority rights and the possibility of building a communal society.
The fruits of 
relevant enquiries are to be presented either via international conferences or in the form of academic publications.