Aerial Bombing / Areal Gazing as Media Practice

  • 2023-05-11
  • Cindy

Aerial Bombing / Areal Gazing as Media Practice

Speaker: YOSHIMI Shunya
Professor of the Department of Tourism and Community Development, Kokugakuin University
Former vice-President and retired professor of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, the University of Tokyo

Marshall McLuhan once wrote the homology between "seeing" and "killing". Today, the ultimate example that shows this is the drone. But not many people know that the drone was developed in the United States during World War II when Americans heard the news that Japanese Navy was planning a suicide kamikaze attack. Moreover, the central person who developed it was Vladimir Zworykin, who is famous for the development of television. This connection between television, which is familiar to us in our daily lives, and drones, which are lethal weapons from the air, had also came from the history of aerial bombing
technology throughout the 20th century which strongly related with the history of colonialism. From this point of view, we will find the clear continuity from the bombing on Japan at the end of World War II to the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the air strikes on Afghanistan and Iraq. All of these shows the development of the Imperial military's gaze from the sky. (吉見俊哉著『空爆論:メディアと戦争』岩波書店、2021年刊)


  • Time: 12:00-14:00, May 26th, 2023 (Taipei, UTC+8)
  • Location: NCCU Dah Hsian Library 8F Dah Hsian Lecture Hall
  • Welcoming remarks by Yi-Ning CHEN, Dean of College of Communication, NCCU
  • Moderator: Yu-Fen KO, Associate Professor of College of Communication, NCCU
  • Discussant: Lawrence Z. YANG , Assistant Professor of Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, NYCU

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