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Core Ability

Core Ability 1: Understanding of Contemporary Theories of Humanities and Social Sciences

Familiar with the historical contexts of contemporary theories of humanities and social sciences

Core Ability 2:Knowledge of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies

Having comprehensive knowledge of cultural issues and academic tradition in specific areas of Asia and being capable of applying knowledge to studying

Core Ability 3: Interdisciplinary Textual Analysis

Ability of interdisciplinary textual analysis and comparison

Core Ability 4: Collecting and Reading Primary Source Materials

Ability of collecting and reading materials from multiple sources and self-nurturing knowledge of designated fields

Core Ability 5:World Views and Caring for Society

Having broad world views, social justice, and humanitarianism. Participating in the discussions of minority issues and activities concerning social progress.

      We expect every IACS graduate to have a good grasp of Asian societies, politics and historical commonalities. As they grow knowledgeable about the latest developments of interdisciplinary studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, we also hope to cultivate their sensitivity to everyday changes, both on the local and the global level. The students will learn to think and observe beyond disciplinary boundaries while also receiving proper training in the foundational disciplinary traditions. Our ultimate goal is to foster academic innovation in the face of fierce competition within the global knowledge economy. We anticipate that IACS graduates will be as willing as they are able to take up the most exciting challenges facing them when they step into this dynamic economy.