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Important Hot Lives from Perantauan
Important Hot Fall 2022 Lecture Series:  Corporate Accountability on Supply Chain Management and Forced Labor
Important Hot Environmental & Multispecies In/Justice VI : From neofelis nebulosa, clouded leopard to likulau: how to make kins with an unfamiliar animal?
Important Hot 「後/冷戰文化影子下之亞際知識解殖II」學術研討會
Important Hot Contemporary Violence of State Crime and the Making of Statelessness II: The Case of Ukrainian Refugees
Important Hot Inter-Asia Talk Series 2022, Enhance Asian Visual Culture Studies
Important Hot ACG Power in Taiwan: The First International Conference of Taiwan Association For Animation, Comics and Game Studies, 2023
Important Hot Workshop "Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962): A Sexagenary Memorial"
Important Hot NYCU IMHRC 2022 International Conference: Calamities, Challenges, Conflicts, and Crises: Rethinking Medical Humanities
Important Hot [Call for Paper] 14th CUHK Anthropology Postgraduate Forum Renewal: Anthropological Imagining in the Midst of Change
Important Hot 【國立陽明交通大學社會與文化研究所112學年度碩士班考試入學招生公告】
Important Hot 【醫療人文跨領域研究中心】病毒世紀:《至樂園》的末世想像與救贖希望
Important Hot Open Enrollment for 2023 International Master’s Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan
Important Hot 【Chinese and English versions are available simultaneously】Where are the people? People’s theater in Inter-Asian Societies
Important Hot ROUTER: A Journal of Cultural Studies, Issue 35 | Disquisition: Music moves
Important Hot M.A. Thesis Degree Examination Announcement:Winnie Lo
Important Hot M.A. Thesis Proposal Oral Announcement:Cheng, Wen-Yin
Important Hot CALL FOR PAPERS|徵稿啟事
Important Hot Activity Report: Muses of our Time: Music, Technology, Natural Soundscape
Important Hot Activity Report: Doc III workshop - After Languages sidelight
Important Hot Sinophobia in the Rise of China - Session 3
Important Hot Sinophobia in the Rise of China  - Session 2
Important Hot Sinophobia in the Rise of China - Session 1
Important Hot Sentience Beyond the Human - Session Two